Collagen – Surprising Supplement

Mar 22, 2018
by Ariel Zhang

My personal anecdotal experience with Collagen started rather innocuously enough.  For years I’ve battled chronic bursitis in my wrists and thumbs (negative impact from my work) and as I aged it crept up to my elbows, all the sudden I had tennis thumbs and golfer’s elbows, considering I haven’t played tennis in decades and I play Golf once a year, it seems rather ironic.  Corticosteroid shots only works for a short time and it’s not recommended that you get more than 1 shot per year.  I put this chronic pain as another thing under “it sucks to grow old” column.

Around this time my esthetician and I had been discussing the benefits of collagen peptides for skin rejuvenation.  Being a skincare junkie, I was looking for the “next big thing” for my skin.  I’m not opposed to using myself as a guinea pig and have always been willing to try anything at least once.  One day, I stumbled onto a website selling Marine collagen as I was looking for skincare products with collagen peptides in the ingredients.  Knowing nothing about collagen other than it’s good for your skin I decided to try this product which is a powder you add to your juice, coffee, oatmeal in the morning.  It was tasteless and didn’t change the texture of my juice or water too much.  I was expecting something fishy tasting like Spirulina, but remarkably it had little to no taste.

I took this in my coffee or juice every morning for 60 days.  I noticed that my neck wrinkles (the middle age necklace) decreased, there appeared to be some density to my neck and even around the labia folds around my mouth and the horizontal lines across my forehead is now barely noticeable, I stopped looking like I was perpetually surprised.  The other noticeable change was that the pain in my thumbs, wrist and elbow decreased significantly.  I wasn’t sure if it’s because I was also taking a turmeric, cats claw, boswellian complex to help relieve joint pain.  It appears that the collagen peptide helped significantly as well. 

I kept with the program of taking collagen everyday but stopped taking the supplements for joint pain, I continue to have zero issues with my joint, so I concluded that it must be the collagen that really helped.