How To Use Freeze Dried Fruit In Baking

Oct 3, 2018
by Ariel Zhang

Freeze dried fruit can be stirred directly into recipes for almost any baked good, from cookies to muffins to cakes. It can be used as a “mix-in” in so many recipes because it contains no excess moisture that could change the consistency of the baked good in question. For instance, fresh strawberries would make a batch of chocolate chip cookies very soggy, but freeze dried strawberries can easily be incorporated to create Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies with a great berry flavor and classic chocolate chip cookie texture.

Freeze dried fruit can be used in large pieces, which is often how it is packaged, or it can be broken down into smaller pieces. Coarsely chopped freeze dried fruit is a good choice for muffin and cake recipes, but pulverizing it into a powder is a better option in recipes like my Strawberry Limemade Bars. You can place the fruit in a ziploc bag and crush it with a rolling pin until it becomes a powder, however pulsing it in a food processor is a quicker way if you need to make a large quantity of it. If you are making a recipe that uses both sugar and freeze dried fruit, it is often easier to combine the sugar and fruit before pulsing it in the food processor to speed the process. Once powdered, freeze dried fruit can be added to recipes to add both color and flavor. One of the simplest applications is to make a batch of Strawberry Sugar, then use it to make homemade Strawberry Milk without artificial colors or flavors.


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