What is Freeze Dried Fruit

Sep 21, 2018
by Ariel Zhang

Freeze dried fruit is not simply fruit that has been dehydrated. Ripe fruit is frozen and then packed into a vacuum chamber where most of the water crystals are sublimated, or turned directly to vapor without going through a liquid state. The fruit is then dried to ensure that no water remains in it. The process retains the color of the fruit and preserves most of its nutrients, as well as creating an extremely long shelf life for the products (as long as they are protected from air once they have been freeze-dried).

Once freeze dried, the fruit can be rehydrated with water or use eaten/used directly from its dried state. Rehydrated freeze-dried fruit will not have the texture of fresh fruit, but it will not be quite as soggy as frozen fruit that has been defrosted, either.




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