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Protein Peptide Powder (200g)

Health Benefits and Applications:         1.  Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly : Provides small molecular...
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Health Benefits and Applications:





1. Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly:

Provides small molecular plant-derived optimal protein peptides needed for cellular nutrition.











2. Workout and Fitness:
Enhances muscle nutrition and sports performance, reduces fatigue, helps to reduce lipids and promote weight-loss.









3. Knowledge Worker:
Provides nutrition for brain cells. Maintains brain ammonia balance and enhances memory.










4. Gastrointestinal and Immune Dysfunction:

Regulates intestinal dysfunction, improves healthy immune system.








Soy protein isolate (44%), Oat flour (38.4%), Soybean peptide (5%), Wheat oligopeptides (5%), Walnut peptide (2.5%)
Add 2 heaping scoops (20 g) to a glass of warm water (<50°C). Stir rapidly for few seconds and drink.

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