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Lifespan is limited! Nothing in the world is eternal, neither is life. Human lifespan has physiological longevity, from 0 to 120 years old, and the length of life varies from person to person. Why do some people die young, while some people live healthy and longer? Aside from the unexpected factors, the length of life depends on your attitude towards life and healthcare. The body is an amazing complex machine, if it is properly cared for, the failure rate will be lower, and the length of life longer; on the contrary, if improperly maintained, the failure rate will be higher, and it may require premature abandonment.


I am a clinician with more than 10 years of clinical experience. As a medical doctor, I am always touched that life is lived on the edge; existence a delicate balance between life and death. To date, medical advancement itself is a constant exploration of science; and medical practice is also passing through a phase of increasing uncertainty. Doctors endeavor to maintain and improve their skills and knowledge by continuous learning.


In the course of treating patients, I have come to realize a key focus for a doctor is not only to treat patients during times of illness, but to also educate people on the prevention of illness or reduce the incidence of disease as much as possible. There are early symptoms of disease evident in a patient, years before diagnosis. Do not wait for symptoms to worsen before seeking a treatment.  Patients with serious conditions could have been prevented with regular checkups; just like taking effective measures to prevent a car accident is more meaningful than post-accident rescue work. There is a famous ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine saying: "Superior practitioners treat diseases before they arise." This means that the superior doctors treat people while they are still healthy.  The prevention before the disease onset is of important significance, the prevention being better than cure an important view of both Chinese and Western medicine.


We know that most diseases are caused by nutritional imbalance -> metabolic disorders -> systemic dysfunction -> disease. Modern mainstream medicine for the treatment of disease is mainly to control the symptoms, relieve or alleviate the pain. However, particular attention should be paid to the root causes of the disease and the repair of systemic functions, therefore many diseases have not been treated completely.  For example, most of the metabolic disorders treatments requires long term use of synthetic drugs to control the symptoms of chronic consumptive diseases. Manufactured medications cannot play an active role in the patient's own systemic function repair; which then results in the nutritional imbalance state of cells, thus the negative implications of modern medicine.


Natural nutrition therapy is a viewed as complementary medicine, and healthcare professionals are slowly becoming aware of the important part that nutrition therapy plays in maintaining good health and recovery from illness. Nutritional medicine is especially powerful in the treatment and management of diseases.  With personalized nutrition therapy, the cells begin to be repair, and then system functions will be gradually repaired as well. The nutrition therapy enables individuals to maximize their health potential that the human body can resist the invasion of some diseases.


This is why I devote myself to natural nutrition treatment. NatriHealth leads to a healthy awareness of nutrition treatment, which can assist in preventing disease before the disease onset and return health in a balanced state. It is also the greatest respect for life.


Are you proactive in protecting your life every day? Everything is a choice, respect your health! Pay more attention to nutrition treatment, and give yourself the best quality of life and lifespan with proper natural nutrition.