Dr. Wang has been actively involved in phytopharmaceutical and nutraceutical products research and development in the past 20 years. He brings significant experience, and understanding to formulating clean and efficacious products. With his thorough understanding of both traditional Chinese medicine botanicals and western nutritional supplementation he combines the best of both world to deliver simple but powerful formulas that work.



Upon immigrating to Canada, Dr. Wang continued with his research and analysis by spending many years working with accredited labs and research centres in Edmonton, Alberta.  

Dr. Wang held positions as an Associate Professor in School of Pharmacy, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and served as Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Centre for Quality Control of Chinese Medicine. He received his Ph.D. in Natural Products Chemistry from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. He then took various post-doctoral positions in Japan and China.

Dr. Wang is extensively involved in drug discovery research from screening natural products as drug candidates to translational medicine research (a growing discipline in biomedical research that aims to expedite the discovery of new diagnostic tools and treatments by using a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative, "bench-to-bedside" approach), to “fingerprinting” via Chromatography of finished botanicals.  

Dr. Wang has over 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 3 Chinese patents of new botanical drugs.